Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Fashion Life

I will be the first to admit I am not at all the model type - I am working on it (for health reasons but not to be a size 0) - well the part I can influence but I do love fashion and I love being different (there I admit it).

To me fashion is about who you are, what you stand for and what you wear to make yourself feel fabulous about yourself. As a curvy girl it does take some insight not to buy into all the fashion trends that look all so groovy in the amazing magazine spreads. I buy far too many magazines for my good but mainly to find inspiration. I have a reasonably large wardrobe collection by now that it sometimes just needs fine-tuning to fit into what is trendy RIGHT NOW.

I work in advertising where being interested in fashion can help clients visualise what it is they are looking for in an agency. I personally I try to wear what makes me confident in most occasions but sometimes also sets the tone - more girly, more laid back.

Being curvy I have to work what I have and cover what isnt an assest. I have learned that hour glass form is what works best for me. So all the ueber cute tunics are a huge NO for me! The midi dress and lady-like style do help.

Ages ago in the UK there was a programme called "What not to wear" with Trinny and Susannah. They were refreshingly honest and empowering not like the US versions these days. They made it clear if you have cleavage go for the v-neck, create lines. Visual direction to your wardrobe. It was a revelation. And with programmes like "How to Look Good Naked" there is this love for being curvy.

So if I can help give others a love for themselves, fashion, and above all life then I am truly happy!

lots of love x



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