Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sit Down to Dinner Shoes

Every girl has them...

The too fabulous for words shoes that make you feel like a film star, model, rock star - you pick, but one small flaw you cant actually go anywhere in them. Not because they dont easily suit a variety of situation oh no because the pain to walk in them is out of this world. My sister and I call them our 'sit down to dinner' shoes. All you can expect from them is to look insane from the house to the taxi - taxi to the restaurant and your table- maybe one powder room visit allowed and then teeth grinding, jaw clenching trying to muster up a smile back to the taxi and a sighhhhh of relief to get home.

I know admit I do the 2000 take on the 80's trainer to work thing. I wear my ballet slippers to and from work. And thank the world that I do because the sprint I have to make this morning and this evening to catch the train home would have otherwise been impossible. But I can not live with out my 'sit down to dinner' shoes. I need the glamour in my life - the thrill of the shoe, the height that I get, the way my posture improves and equally does my self confidence. Ahhh who would have thought they could pack all that in a size 37 - UK 4 - US 7. Thank you. I will always choice beauty before sensiblity.

Long live the 'Sit down to Dinner' shoe!



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