Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Fashion Words

I read in a magazine a little while back an article about 'The three fashion words' (source Red Magazine UK). Basically it is about finding the three words that describe your own fashion sense...

So I got thinking 3 words isn't alot to define your being. Ok maybe I am taking it a bit too far. But it is my take on what I try to dress like but also what I hope people see when they see me. Funny how we women dress for each other not men (well expect the few that are maybe in older professions) - and its not about competition it is far more about recognition, credit where credit is due.

Anyway my words. I decided to go with:
  • stylish: not trendy but more in tune than in for every fashion trend coming my way
  • accessorized: it adds individuality, personality and for the all black uniform it adds - shocker - colour
  • fun: unfortunately I am not elegant I should be at my freaking age but no I am me a little lost in creavity so I want to have fun with fashion not be rigid with rules or matching ideas. That doesnt mean I am going to wear two different shoes (Helena not me) but it does mean I would choose the neon dress from this season because they are fun and make me smile. See dressing for me to make me feel better about myself.



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