Monday, August 8, 2011


I do it everytime - no matter how smart I hope to be with my lists, planning, thinking I still always pack too much. It is hard work - planning my beach outfits, my dinner outfits, shoes, bags oh my ... it is enough to stress any traveller let alone the seasoned traveller. I tend to put it down to needing a bit more help than the average stunning 25 year old (are there average versions that is?) But still I dont quite master it.

Nonetheless when in Cannes I see all these things, people, items that just are lovely. I dont know if it is the sun in my eyes or the warmth on my skin but it just is such fun...

So here are som of the items that caught my eye and sent my heart racing...

Fine, fine, fine diamond rings
Yes we all love stacking rings and I was lucky enough to receive Daisy Stacking Rings for Christmas but I have been noticing during trips to visit my sister in Paris that single thin eternity rings are the trend in Paris. Problem ... 850 euros does require some serious saving. But no fear I know of a great alternative... Amanda Wakeley Designs for Ernest Jones. Stunning and at 150 pounds an accessible dreamy alternative. Plus they come it lots of colours - black, brown diamond, emerald... the list goes on that it makes it tricky to decide.

Source: Toy Watch

Colour Watches:
Source: Triwa Watches
When the sun is beaming down nothing looks as lovely against tan skin as a colourful watch. Obviously the trend is catching on because Toy Watch has just opened a new shop in Cannes on Rue Cdt Andre (my favourite first stop when in town). But there is a Dutch brand that I love for their creative take on colour. Triwa Watches are quirky, stylish and a great size for any fashionista.

Dinh Van - the original

I feel like years ago it was Dinh Van that started to get us wearing ribbon bracelets with gold or silver circles. I have loved the clean lines ever since and still admire each collection. This year I saw a collection that reminds me of the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra. Really pretty and in turqouise perfect for summer .

Bathroom Grafitti
This shop has been thrilling me since I first went to Cannes. Sometimes with insane items but sometimes with clever items that are perfect for the summer. Like this beach bag... now if only it said Cannes instead of St. Tropez (I mean really).

Finally I do it every year... I head to Monoprix to stock up on French treats like Nuxe or Ushuaia ... heavenly and personally I blame my 4 kg of excess luggage on my need for French skin products. Thankfully a friendly chat (in French), a smile and apology means no charge for the lack of talent in the packing department - can I save thank yet again...

So thanks for the memories Cannes - see you next year for more inspiration.
love ...



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