Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friend Envy

Maybe envy isnt the right word - maybe it is admiration.

Dont get me wrong I have the most amazing friends but you get into situations, go to parties and you see this amazing tight knit big group of friends. They have grown up together know each others strengths and weaknesses and as a person who is a global trotter my friends are spread all over. So seeing this huge group of friends makes me envious. Maybe I was daunted by the amount, maybe I havent calculated my number but because I dont have it I love the romance and history of childhood sandbox friends.

My girlfriends and I joke that we would love for our kids to play together but the undiscussed hint there is that the grown ups get to play too. Be it long boozy lunches or bbq sessions when the kids are asleep. Still issue in my daydreaming is that I am behind the curve on that one but that is the beauty daydreaming.

Its funny with so many films out right now dedicated to the friendship factor on so many levels... from the Hangover to Bridesmaids to even Harry Potter really - from my perspective I think because the magic is the fantastic stories - embarrassing, funny, touching, intimate, argumentative and of course drunken that friendship brings. It builds an indestructible bond that when you nourish it and acknowledge it and  cherish it friendship can last. I hope my friends know I cherish them, value them and appreciate them.

So even if I succumb to a bit of envy when I see the cool friend group and maybe in the moment forget my cool friends all it takes is a little blog for me to realise how special my friendship are.

much love x



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