Monday, May 23, 2011

Team Good Guy

Let's be honest most of us don't set out to be heartbreakers. There is no fun in hurting someone's feelings and it takes just your first heartache to understand that. Because that's when we meet them - the bad guys...

My first heartache was an odd experience. It was only after a few weeks of dating and my first instinct was to ask my dad to take me shopping. It was actually a lovely father - daughter moment and my dad did have some creative fashion style-  I wonder if there is a link there... I came out of the experience stronger. Appreciative of my dad and that he just wanted to cheer up his little girl. But all his protective intentions couldnt protect the future to come...

More heartache was sure to follow  - the bad guy, the unattainable guy, the taken guy, the tough guy, the mean guy and heartbreaker guy so many to choose from. So why is that only now looking back does one recognize the good guys. If I could ask for better vision it would be recognize the good guys while they are in front of you instead of when you have chased them away. Chasing them away now that is what I have been really good at.

In my insecurity, uncertainty, and inexperience I was badly behaved. Now looking back I do have to laugh at my sillyness but I was also really lucky recently that I had the chance to apologize for my not so nice way of acting. It was liberately to be honest - not that in man in question cared less but maybe that wasnt the point.

So when I saw an ex today - one of the good guys - it made me realise two things. First of all, thank you to all the good guys we need you out there. The bad guy is only sexy for so long - you are the keepers. Secondly, sorry I was too young to realise but if you are with the love of your life than that was the road to take and finally -  Ladies if you have better vision than I do than embrace it, go with your feelings, and let the good guy win.

I think good guys should win - I am team good guy!

PS I didnt manage to speak to the ex - it took me far too long to make the connection and there was a rush of panic ... why am I wearing flats the one moment when slimming height would have been good. Sighhhh.



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