Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Calling all Men!

Maybe sometimes I focus too much on female fashion sights around me but not today! See I love guys experimenting with fashion, finding their own style all of that but boys come on ... there are some points to take into consideration that cause fashion fury to us outsiders. Here my top five list of fashion donts for the boys!

1) backpacks for boys
I understand, its practical - get it but come one no adult man should look like 12 year old school boy. Like today in the train even a Louis Vuitton version cant make it any better. Please boys embrace the man bag, it can totally make you look cool and there are so many versions that there will definitely be one out there to suit every single one of you.

2) male cleavage
Ok so this one not all of you even wager a shot at and thanks for that! I admit the majority of these having only been spotted the reluctant pop star with the ueber cool attitude. It is this attitude that on the one hand you need to even consider trying the look and on the other hand makes it totally unattractive. Because the male cleavage screams to every girl out there - hey baby I got it going on - admittedly you might but that's what might just scares us away too cool for school.

3)  jewellery
I pity the fool who stool my jewellery as Chandler kindly pointed out to Joey. Please guys there are the cool rocker accessories that I totally dig and I do sympathize that I can do my statement necklaces, rings, earrings, you name we girls have the whole lot to choose from but I am of the opinion that men are best to limit self experience through bling bling. A watch, a ring (always a great to see if someone is in fact otherwise attached) and a cufflink or two - ok maybe a stretch to be called jewellery but I needed to come with an even 3.

4) too short trousers
Ages ago in London these girls without knowing that I was Dutch said that we Dutch always wear our trousers too short. I thought they must be confused after all I was too short to wear my trousers without the remote fear of getting them wet but then I started to pay more attention and it is true our trousers are just too short. So this morning on the platform - there he was tall, slim great suit and way too short trousers. Personally I blame the tailor - someone should have said no.

5) fashion statement socks
This is a UK thing after all amongst all those pinstripes there has to be a little colour in a man's life. The English find it in their socks - red, purple, bright blue all in all shocking. The worst example a colleague who wore cartoon variations. I love the idea of fashion spirit and maybe I should be grateful that they arent white but come one purple isnt really a step up.

oh and 5+ labels on suits - this is my bonus number for the list. why oh why do men leave the label on the outside of the suit. I love that you are proud that is a certain brand or a material but just think how special it would be if it wasnt in BIG letters on the outside. So please if only one lesson to be learnt - no labels...



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