Sunday, April 3, 2011

Does a HUGE ad campaign limit personal style?

So by now I am sure EVERYONE has seen them. The the new H&M campaign with the ever stunning Gisele Bundchen featured.

So feeling the bug myself - well it was a sunny day - I headed over to my nearest store to specifically get my hands on a floral print maxi. I was thinking as the maxi dress on my "Lust List" March 2010 still isnt available I would go after a skirt instead. But somehow I wasnt the only girl with this on her mind it seems. The shop was packed - surprisingly after all it was sunny - so after much searching I find the skirt, loads of them in fact and so many girls, women, people were hovering over the stand. The diversity of all us is unreal. In terms of shapes, sizes, skin colour, style everything and yet we all want this one skirt. As I get my size I take it for a whirl through the shop - its called bonding to see if we really have a click and with such as massive queue to pay I used this time to really see if I still feel as strongly about the skirt as I did when I walked in the shop.

As I see the stand again - still very popular with shoppers - I change my mind. I want my style to be about expressing myself and whilst I am completely aware of the fact that these are mass produced products and there will be people that have the same dress, shoes, outfits etc this was just one step too far. I love the high street, I love Zara, Asos, M&S, Reiss, Comptoir de Cotonniers and the up and coming French brands but they dont have such broad swept advertising campaigns behind them.

I feel that with so much advertising power behind a high street brand its just too visible for me and doesnt give me enough opportunty to make it my own. So in the end no maxi floral skirt for me!



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