Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things that make me smile...

It´s the little things in the world that can do it for me and to be honest I hope it always stays that way. I think it is terribly important to recognize the importance of the little things. So here are the things that make me smile.

  • that first warm evening breeze that comes around in spring and reminds you like a gentle whisper that summer is on its way - cant wait
  • the first glass of cool rosé on the beach to mark the start of a holiday
  • the first dip in the Med - the refreshing thrill that wakes you and also washes away the previous night's sins (although note there havent been many recently - just wanted to clear that up)
  • the colour green - bright, crisp and alive - nature at its best
  • a friendly smile from a stranger - in a non creepy kind of way more like hey I am happy too
  • fresh snowfall in the evening that changes the light all around
  • busting a move in your living room all alone with the knowledge that no one can or will see your increaible moves - thank god!!!!!!
  • fresh cold cotton sheets to whisk away to slummer land - that reminds me need to change my sheets
  • fireworks in summertime - just far more enjoyable that in the brisk cold of NYE
  • an older geriatic couple all dolled up and still in love, together and maybe only for a moment happy
  • an unexpected message from a loved one
  • coming home from a trip with a sigh of relief
  • finding forgotten money in a handbag you havent used in ages - its a reward of renewed loyalty



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