Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dare to Wear - the red dress

There are in my opinion some outfit choices that require more courage shall we say - the red dress is my mind is one of those choices.

The red dress is amazing and this awards season there have been spectacular red dresses on the red carpet but that isn't the real world. I am convinced that Valentino can make the every woman feel stunning, sexy and strong but we dont all have the Valentino budget. To me the red dress asks for attention. It creates drama, and excudes feminity but that also means you need to feel confident to pull the colour off.

Recently I saw this every day version of a Victoria Beckham type dress (source Lovely, wearable and affordable but do I have the confidence to pull it off? I don't know.

When wearing a colour that commands so much attention you have to be able to handle it. Feel good in your own skin. But when you pull the dress on - an amazing moment occurs - you pull yourself together, stand taller, feel slimmer, act smarter. Could it all be in the dress? I truly begin to feel brave as though it is my war gear and I am for the first time armed to take on the world. It would appear that the power the red dress has to outside world it also has on the person themself. I read recently that studies (or maybe just the one) have shown that a woman in a red dress is twices more likely to be asked out than other women around. My initial reaction to this news was - of course - but how short was the dress and how low cut? Is it really related to colour or a combination of factors. See if I feel better about myself in my dress maybe this is class-effect of the red dress and if all are in a good place surely these women will glow from within and therefore be more attractive and open to conversation. Perhaps I should take all this out to the world and test it out. Any volunteers? Maybe in time I might crack the idea if it is just the dress, the colour, the cut or the girl inside. So ladies - do you dare to wear the red dress?



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