Tuesday, April 5, 2011

White shoes - love 'em or hate 'em?

This one always puzzles me. You see I grew up in the 1980s (yes do the math that old) and the rules were simple - white shoes only in summer and only up until Labour Day (sometime in early Septembter).

So as so many of us Sex and the City really challenged my idea of what the rules might be. And then it hit me - no more rules. I found my inner shoe diva - the one we women all have inside them regardless of our specific tastes. This new freedom was fabulous - I went mad hidden platform peep toes, studded nude courts, silk griege slip in heels, purple suede wedges, cognac cork wedges, black bow courts, black corset boots, black caged 
source: HBO Sex and the City
bootlets oh my... even just listing them brings a rush. That and I still havent managed to venture to a guru pair from Manolo or Christian (yes we are on a first name basis I think of them so much)

But then the white shoe or more particularly the white boots just baffle me. Carrie Bradshaw and Christian showed me that white courts can step outside even in the colder months and still look elegant. Nothing about them screams TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) which admit it is a relief to us all I am sure. I even now have a pair of white courts with black little details which just helps to ease me into it. So maybe I am ready to take the plunge - white courts.

source http://www.sugarfab.com/

But wait - what about the white boot...

I had a totally different feeling about these... nothing but truly nothing can rescue these. I did a through internet search only to help support my fashion fury sighting today on the train. White boots dont work! There is nothing flattering about them, nothing elegant, attractive, appealing or even wearable.

source http://www.stylefrizz.com/
Maybe I am still too rigid in this and I am welcoming examples to proof me wrong but from where I am standing... white boots are a total fashion DON'T!



Blogger Bikini Bum said...

I have to comment on your blog quote about white boots.. Have you changed your mind? Reason why I ask is because I have recently purchased a pair of white boots and I find them very sexy and unique when perfectly paired with CERTAIN items in my closet. Yes, I had to make a few special purchases to accommodate the white boots, but I have found them to be worth the time invested. White shoes in general, outside of sport shoes, can be tacky when not worn with that perfect something.

December 12, 2012 at 8:13 AM  

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