Friday, April 8, 2011

April Lusting

Ohhlala another month and another lust list... this time I am incredibly aware that the objects of my lust are so not right for me but that doesn't make then any less deisrable.

1) and 2)  Kara Ackerman bracelets

So dainty - so pretty - so lovely - so wonderful -  I can't decide which I like best. Both named GemGirls one lucky charms and the other the evil eye. I think honestly they are so fantastic getting both would be truly acceptable.

Now my only worry is - when will we able to buy these in Europe!

3) Mellow Yellow

I will admit I am OBSESSED with yellow this season. My dad would have been so proud, yellow being the only colour he could properly recognise. Although perhaps he didn't quite mean neon yellow and in particular Christopher Kane. This yellow pleated skirt on Netaporter is stunning. It would make my bum look the size of TEXAS but I don't mind in the world of dreams I am queen and I want Christopher Kane - skirt that is.

4) Bring on the Brights

I think it is even more clear that I have spent the winter in too much black being warm and tough. But to quote Proenza Schouler this isn't the season for being tough. So girlie me - I am back and bright. Maybe in combination with a little black after all it is slimming and as you may have read there is no way that I will be in skin coloured tights so on a still cold spring day black tights it is. But when I do dare to go bare - legs that is ladies - these sandals are stunning.... Miu miu which I found on So worth the day dreaming and the heels perforated I mean come on who can resist!

5) The ultimate must have lust have

I saw this bag on The Daily Mail website (source: whilst getting my celebrity style tips on. I know how embarrassing this is to admit but we are amongst friends, right?! I love this website especially in the summertime - celebs on the beach and on boats all along the Cote which not only gets me completely in the mood to hit the beach but also inspired on what to wear. So back to the matter at hand. I saw a picture of the Saturdays (apparently a girl band from the Uk - I did the follow up) and on a day out in LA. One girl was carrying this ... the ultimate must have lust have

... an Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle bag in neutral suede with the ueber cool studs. I finally found it online at and they have it black and neutral leather too.

Too bad my favourite version is sold out!!!!!! This bag needs more attention editors of the world. It is a masterpiece and I will be keeping my eye out to see if it is purchaseable somewhere.

Actually I will offer my first born for this - maybe that is going a little far for a handbag or is it?!?!?



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