Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Hot Spots

A few more gems I would urge you to try if you get the chance...

High Tea Recommendations London
My family started a tradition that for every birthday my mum would come to visit and we would have high tea somewhere fabulous. It started when I turned 30 and we were lucky enough to have a return performance.

  • The Ritz
This was the location of our first beginning to this tradition and thanks to a very kind F/B manager Jeremy Dover (thanks again) we came back the next year again. The tea room/ garden court is stunning at the Ritz. Definitely a wonderful experience.

This is a London instituion and I might as well add the second part of our tradition - the part I like best - is after all the sweets and delights we head to the hotel bar for an amazing cocktail. I consider it a much deserved pick me up. Claridges scores high on both counts. And whilst you are there have a wander through the hotel - there are pictures everywhere of the icons of the past that have been to the hotel. Also the hotel organizes a 'Claridges Experience' for their employees so that everyone at every level realizes how much their role has an impact on the stay of a guest. Because truly that is what the hospitality industry creates - memories, stories that are part of our dearest thoughts. Thank you Claridges my experience with you is a treasure.

  • Lanesborough
The stunning white house on the hill - ok maybe not the hill but at the corner of Hyde Park Corner. So lovely we went back twice. Great service, great scones just wonderful. Plus the Library Bar is always a treat in fact it was on my route home so on a few occasions if the day was particularly hard I would indulge in one Bellini and drift into a dream world of a posh hotel. Plus the people watching is always a hit.

  • The Connaught
This is a hidden gem - behind Piccadilly tucked on a hidden square it is a fantastic location for any London visitor. We went when the refurbishment was just completed and I have never been treated so well. The staff was AMAZING. Just lovely and so sincerely caring. I wish it hadnt the last birthday we celebrated in London...

  • and for the Sunday cheapies Harrods
This sounds all wrong but we have the Harrods scones as our emergency recovery kit. They arent as pricey as the regular high tea experience but maybe that's why they hit the spot like no other could. We even have to have our fix so badly that we know the exact location of the lift behind the luxury jewellery section that gets us there faster than you can say 'Scones please'.

Global gems
  • The Viceroy
A design inspiration - just stunning. If I could travel to all of their hotels I would just to copy the interior design.

  • The Soho House Group
A members club that is amazing - so many lovely locations and a great concept. Love them all!

  • Le PrĂ©
Not a trendy hotspot but my favourite start to a day in Paris with my sister. On my favourite shopping street where you get fashion inspiration behind my cafe creme - delightful and super close to Mabillon.

  • L'annex
A fantastic beach spot in Cannes - the best menu, great staff ... just the way to start your holiday that an a dip in the Med...



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