Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Confusing...

This happens to me every begin of spring - all these questions, with or without tights, blisters how to avoid them, too soon to wear white, all white and how to mask those bright lights legs without going too fake tan frenzy-ish. See too many questions to even begin to know what to do with.

So my only hope... inspiration - anywhere I can find it, flicking through magazines which only gets me distracted by the amazing new skin or hair on the models or the latest IT bag that has me at a loss for words and still no closer to find that ideal balance of light, bright spring wear but still suitable for work. Its tricky - but this year I am excited. I have done the research and think I am work spring wardrobe savy and here is the plan...

Image 1 of Warehouse Colour Block Wrap Dress1) Colour blocking
great colourful dresses that I can combine with a colourful jacket for work and take off for after. The colourful jacket then also works amazingly well with neutrals that I still have in my closet

2) Maxi's

No hiding the light bright skin under bad 3/4 leggings that are just wrong in some many ways. Floaty skirts and dresses here I come. Now finally my lust list item from March is available so online shopping here I come.

3) Nude heels
ASOS HALO High SandalsBeautiful palettes of nudes lengthen leggings, flatter anyone's leggings and arent meant to resemble 2 weeks in Tenerife but rather be elegantly honey kissed

I hope with these few tools to hand I can survive the first few days of spring and then just go for white. I mean really I live in Holland - let's embrace the sun whens its there oh and dont forget sunscreen ...

All images source: http://www.asos.com/



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