Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can Elegance be taught?

I couldnt imagine what the world of style would have been like in the 1950's when having bare legs was considered a rebellious statement. Today I get the impression that we have far more freedom to express ourselves - in everyway including fashion. Granted this freedom doesnt always work out as well as one could hope as only the pictures at Ladies' Day at Aintree, Liverpool this week demonstrated far too clearly (view at your own risk:  Nonetheless we can all be ourselves through fashion.

So with so many styles: trendy, funky, boho, electic, tomboy it seems that elegance has lost its cool. Yet I love the elegant lady! In fact I envy her. I want to be her but it just isnt my style. I work in the advertising industry where a bit of fashion creativity helps clients buy-in to our added value. It is kind of the same as when you want your banker to look conservative. So the fact of the matter is I am just not elegant - ladylike in some occasions I hope but not classic, not glamorous always more approachable.

So every now again I look for inspiration from another the past, from film or just really well styled. Here are a few of my favourites that inspire me to get a little elegance infusion in my own style.

 Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair a remake but she looks impeccable (apart from that sheer number). Love the hair, clothes it all...
But just like Faye Dunaway in the original, both ladies brought drama and style and lots and lots of attitude to the role...
Of course Audrey Hepburn cant be left out. I agree that some roles and fasions were icon but for me overall it was her gaze or her demeanor it just was elegant from every pore. Amazing.

And with her Grace Kelly is simply perfection. The ladies of the day definitely set a standard.
Kelly Rutherford's role as an UES wife in itself requires glamour and elegance but the style team do a supreme job and she just excudes serenity and calmness. I guess for me true elegance is not trying too hard. 

For me when I think effortless I think Gwyneth and Jennifer. Both predominantly wear classic, refined fashion that looks elegant yet approachable so maybe if I take a cue from them all I too can learn to be elegant but stay true to me...



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