Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dressing for the weather - can or should you ever go back?

In keeping with my spring confusion I have since embraced bare legs and springs hot colours although colour blocking is still on my list of things to try... the weather here has been stunning. Glorious sunshine, warmth, and best of all - spring's range of natural colours has come out and then it happened.

Out of no where - cold, chilly nights, cool mornings and then today on my way to work I spotted them. The people that have resorted back to fall coats. Wools coats in dark wintery colours. Even shock horror winter boots.

So there I am in my nude midi dress, bare legs, ballerina's in tote thinking to myself did I open the door to a different world. I wasnt freezing and there were no goose bumps in sight so how can it be that there is just a difference in our style of dress. Ok granted cool thresholds lie differently - I reference in this the North of England where no matter what the weather less is better (shockingly so) but this is just odd.

I guess the mystery will have to remain until my way back but I did just see a friend on Facebook write that it snowed in Sweden so maybe these individuals were en route to colder climates? Just a thought...



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