Friday, April 29, 2011

Must have a rant!

So here I am today out to hit the shops (after the double smooch obviously) and whilst at the Lancome coutner at a largest department store in Rotterdam the strangest thing happen.

No it wasnt the massive in your face cleavage from the sales counter lady (although I am all for flaunting one's assets - I do but not in a in your face full one embarassing for even us girls kind of way) but when I asked her if there were any samples of Secret de Vie products she kind of gave me this chuckle, awkward laugh thing.

I should have then and there said so terribly sorry did I say something that was funny. How silly of me to think that one might want to test a product of a particular quality and price point to see if it suits my skintype after all we Dutch arent known for our customer service skills let alone the after-sales ones of that genre. Perhaps if more ridiculous to think Lancome Holland wants to sell this product no surely they are being purchased like hotcakes and only I could think that a personal test would be appropriate.

The silly thing in the end was me - I didnt say anything but instead left with my tail between my legs for being so stupid to ask this question. So I will stick to my Genefique and Reenergie products and maybe consider other purchases somewhere where customer service is actually present or the sales counter staff is just friendly, helpful and not ueber full of themselves. There I feel better - I got it out...



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