Sunday, May 1, 2011


With last weekend being just a scorcher everyone was out and about to catch a few rays but what is it about beach weather that brings everyone to throw all ideas of reasonable dress sense out the window and just walk around like a fool.

I think beach wear requires a certain etiquette (b-etiquette) and I can understand why certain beach spots set a dress code. So here are a few points to take into consideration. 1) never ever forget to cover up. Dont walk the boulevard without a cover-up - it screams trashy and looking for a cover-up is the perfect excuse to look for those ueber cute summer dresses or sequin kaftans plus if you are doing it just to rock that amazing body you have just think that a little clothing adds to mystery and flaunts what you've got 2) a little preparation can go a long, long way dont overdose on the fake tan orange is never flattering but a glow will make summer colours brighter and boost your confidence but do think about gloves, scrubs and moisturizer 3) that brings me to the other point here dont go for a colour that matches your skin colour at that time a bright white t with bright white translucent skin not the most flattering of ton sur ton colour schemes 4) striving for the no lines tan can be tricky and at best of times less than lady-like so use common sense if you wouldnt want to be caught on page 3 like that than probably best to embrace a little tan line and finally 5) wear sunscreen love your skin and take time to be golden not chestnut



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