Monday, June 13, 2011

Bag Envy - Which Handbag to choose?

I am sure we have all heard that we women dont really dress for men but we do it for other women. It is our way of impressing the competition and maybe in one way or another unsettling the competition as a way of leveraging this to balance the scales our way. So in the attempt to impress other women with our incredible yet unattainable sense of style we know that we can always rely on our trusted weapons - bags and shoes. Really when you spell it all out this clearly it seems a little strange that men still don't understand our need for shoes and bags.

With handbags being such a part of our armour - after all they will never make you look fat - it is only a matter of time before we girls start scanning other women's handbags and becoming every more jealous. I call it bag-envy and let's be honest I am sure we have all had a case of this rather contagious illness. You see another woman on the street and catch a glimpse of her amazing bag and realise there is a 3 year waiting list and then there it is bag envy. Apparently men are catching on this, they now can spot the one woman checking the handbag on the other woman out. And it is not pretty. So now as more and more women are becoming aware of special brands in the handbagging craft it seems that there is more ground to be envious of.

But dont worry just because some other girl is jealous of your handbag it is really a compliment to your taste and your own style.

Hermes Birkin Bag Source:

Choosing the right handbag can be tricky - are the handles the right length - nothing looks more cheap than too long handles - is the leather soft  - is the colour warm and rich full of depth - is it overtly branded (if that is what you are looking for) or subtle that only the insiders recognise. The wonderful thing for all us women is the variety of choices available out there. So much more than just shoulder, clutch or arm bag - think tote, hold-all, oversized, small, cross-body, chain link, embellished, canvas, leather, fabric, suede, metallic, neon, oh my. So many options picking that one that is for you might just be impossible. So embrace the right to choose and choose often for every reason you can think of.

And when you do get those envious stares and glares - enjoy it - you obviously made the right choice!



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