Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elegant Travel - does it still exist?

So here I am all packed and ready to go but isn’t part of the fun of travelling the preparation and getting there. Not in my case.

This time for a change I didn’t go for comfort gear – after all recent experiences has shown me you never know who you might run into so a little effort never hurt anyone. But in retrospect that might not have been the best choice … My maxi dress flowing, sunnies at the ready, handbag perched, handluggage at bay for all those duty free snags and that all overpowering case. It is truly a good thing I didn’t decide to totter on my mega heels or this would have been a certain recipe for disaster. No in my case I went for retro sensibility in my Superga trainers and still manage to take a little tumble when training to get on the train.

Then it dawned on me – maybe the days of elegant travel are behind us or just left to the lucky few like VB that can totter a few magic metres from car to gate. But those of us who slum it (i.e. carry our own luggage) sensible dressing might just be wiser. I have to lift, manoeuvre and stride to get to my travel destination and that just means 11 in Loubis are wishful thinking. But I will keep trying maybe it is a art to be perfected of time or maybe it is just all about the preparation. Note to self for elegant travel – book a care service otherwise take it on the chin and smile – hopefully you are off to somewhere nice. Safe travels.



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