Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finding the one

It may seem like a unimportant search but asking any woman around and she will tell you it is a life long struggle - finding the perfect hairstylist or hairdresser.

Whether its not being able to agree on what colour approach to take or what just a few centimeters off the end means or experience with curly hair really is cutting more than once in a lifetime somehow it can be really tricky finding your perfect match - the one.

I have had hairdressers where I asked for a strawberry blonde glow to my hair only to leave having flame red in my opinion stoplight red hair. Not a look I can recommend. Or asking for goldhighlights all over and having two or three to frame my face only to ask the hair salon owner why there was this limited amout of highlights for her to reply because that's what I want. Needless to say I went home and did the highlights myself. Also not an approach I can recommend.

To me alot of it is communication. Bring a picture - not because you want to look like Gisele but because in your opinion that is golden beachy blonde - it helps to speak the same language with your stylist. Be honest if you have a deep rooted hatred for a bob with elegonated points at the front (think VB lob) than tell him or her if you dont you might end up leaving the salon unhappy something that could have easily been taken care of.

Recently I went to my old salon in London nothing too posh but somewhere they do listen and do take different approaches to colour. Even there I looked in the mirror and said wow its darker than had expected but my stylist warned me and asked me to be a little patient - wait for the colour to settle and then if unhappy we can change it. That gave me the confidence to wait it out - be patient even if I did know 'fi'xing' it wasnt an option (I mean bad enough to tell people that I got my hair done in London it would be so much worse to say I had to fly back to have it fixed) so I did what is the ultimate tip in hairdressing - I trusted my stylist. And sure enough the colour is fantastic now. I love it!

So ladies - be honest - talk about what you want and find someone you trust and you will have found the one!

Now hang on to them - happy hairdays await!



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