Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glamping - really?

Everyone has them those dreaded words that just send shivers down your spine. Mine is camping. I never did it as a child or in teenage years so what the appeal is - is truly beyond me. The idea of having to sleep on the cold near ground, in a potentially damp sleeping bag with the likeliness that bugs or even wilder animals could come knocking freaks me out but the loo and shower situation is to me the worst. I just dont get it when a perfectly good b&b or hotel is usually around the corner where the investement of a good nights sleep is so worth the opportunity cost calculation.

But then a new word appeared on the horizon that just puzzles me... glamping. Really? Is it possible? Glamorous camping. Isnt that impossible to imply in the same word? I mean it still involves a tent. I did a quick google search a sure enough the word is everywhere. From the UK to France to even rural Holland - camp grounds are offering the idea of luxury camping.

Source: Camp Kerala
Even for mud-drench Glasto at the bargain price of 8.000 pounds you can do the hip festival experience in luxury. I needed to know more and I will admit it - on the website I am astonished. It looks heavenly - all white - from the tents to the duvets even to the residential dog. Ohhh lovely. But then reality sets in - it is Glasto. How does it stay white? Where are the loo's and showers? Is this just a mirage and it is still is porterpotty in reality. Still if one had to do the festival tour this has to be the way to do it.

But then I get to thinking camping - how does one dress for it. Obiously you cant roll in with your mongramed luggage cases so if camping means rucksacks what is glamping? And I repeat what does one wear? I cant do the Mossy approach to festival chic. Even for work I plan my wardrobe choices so if the idea of mud, ground and yuckiness comes into play I have no idea how to work it. Something I proved yesterday too. Outdoors day with work - and honestly I had nothing to wear so I ended up in uncomfortable trousers that keeping falling down given, ballet slippers that while cute I was cold and a plaid shirt (nothing says country like plaid) with the army inspired jacket wasnt what I would call convincing. So upon returning home that much needed glass of red and a hot bath were too lovely.

Conclusion - the outdoorsy country feel is alright for some but for me - I need a bath, wine and above all a hotel.



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