Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making a list ...

As the song says it is the most wonderful time of the year. I had to admit I am a sucker for Christmas - for me it is all about the lights in the shop windows, the crisp air and the feeling of wanting to return home light candles and cocoon for the evening. Living in Holland it is just not the same so every year I have to kick off the season with a trip to Londo to see the lights. Having lived in Hamburg, New York, London, Paris and Holland I can compare and nowhere does Christmas lights like London. New York and Chicago are fantastic when it comes to shop windows but for simple twinkling white lights you have to visit London. And with only a weekend to do some specific Christmas shopping a list is needed.

I personally am a huge fan of the White Company - which thankfully has more in store for then just white and so many lovely truly induglent gifts. To me Christmas is about giving that gift that you wouldnt necessarily give yourself and that it was makes it truly special.

Here are a few treats to inspire you all courtesy of The White Company ( ...
Picture frames may seem like an easy gift but everyone loves silver-plated frames they add sparkle to a room and help capture your favourite memories....
This stunning cashmere poncho is high on my wish list. Cashmere is perfect for Christmas whether it is socks or a jumper or a poncho. Everything about it just begs for warm cuddly nights and days.

Gorgeous candles - handmade candles can be so pricey but so lovely to have in the home. I spent a fortune on candles a few months ago and every evening that I light (which is a bit of an effort) the room transforms to a magical warm and lovely place.

And special decorations to me a special extra gift that you might not automatically give yourself. My mother has the tradition of buying one new Christmas ornament a year but the really special ones are those that we as children bought or gave as a gift.

But if you are short on time and still want special gifts online is the way forward and if I can recommend one website here it is... part of Red Magazine Uk and they have amazing gifts ... here is a pick of my favourites...

Maybe it is because I miss London or I think the colour red is linked with Christmas but these Christmas baubbles are too lovely and unique to not mention as a must have.

Or something a little more special than your chocolate advent calender. A calender that will last for years and years which to me really symbolizes the essence of Christmas - it doesnt have to be big just meaningful and from the heart to surprise the person it is for.

And if you are looking for inspiration these prints will do just that. Something to remind yourself of everyday...

I do hope you are making plans for a very specialy Christmas and if I run into any more ideas that completely get me inspired I am warning you I will just have to let you know about them!


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