Saturday, November 12, 2011

She's a lady ...

Although fashion in recent years has been rekindling lady-like fashion from decades ago - with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton at the forefront -  I cant help but wonder does it really translate to today's woman. In the cruel business world does being lady-like help or work against a girl about town? Or is it maybe lady-like in doses depending on the industry you are in?

Source: Louis Vuitton
For example Angela Merkel is without a doubt the strongest lady in Europe with the French president throwing her a flash of a smile or a nudge here and there as a show of partnership - saving the Euro and the world together. But does she come across as lady-like? It is really important for her? Or is she maybe in a boys club and needs a bit more masculinity to be taken seriously?

Same case, different rules - Christine Lagarde - granted is in pencil skirts and feminine fashion but does she strike you as lady-like? In the hard world of finance (let alone the politics that mix in) she being lady-like a good thing?

And what is lady-like in today's world anyway? Am I meant to be the one in a meeting to ask if anyone wishes anything else to drink? Am I supposed to wait for some one to hold the door for me? When trying to make a point do I gently nudge my male colleagues and make it seem like it was their idea? Ok some of these examples could be straight out of  Mona Lisa's Smile but what I am trying to say is that today's world means lady-like is refined, smart, savvy and ballsy with a touch of male attitude and a splash of rough and ready. The world demands a clever approach for anyone really and maybe the lady-like look in fashion is just that a clever approach in today's world. Perhaps the gentle touch a hint of curve and the illusion of skin flahsing through are a new hint of mystery that we havent seen earlier - in the years of bandage style minidress - stunning and seductive but less subtle. The midi length in flowy dresses add for kicks and twirls. In my opinion fashion makes you feel confident - a better version of yourself. Just what you need really to take the world by storm.  I think I will be putting lady-like fashion to the test and watching for results...with the ultimate result being how I feel. We shall see.

PS one last comment just because you're a lady doesn't mean you can't mix in a but of the femme fatale...seductive comes in various lengths and styles - now won't that be fun experimenting with.



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