Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding your true self - hello style

Just last week I was really amazed to see this group of girls (maybe just 20) - obviously a tight friend group but also each one with a strong personal and different style. One was the rocker chick with faux leather leggings, big silver jewellery, denim jacket and funky boots. The other tailored trousers, courts and a fitted jacket - not suity but more of a polished look. And finally the third in a boho chique dark floral dress and a faux fur gilet. All super cute and so different.

It was their differences that intriqued me. Most of my friends have more style similarities - makes it easier and more difficult whilst shopping. You know what stores to head out to but then if you have a similar size there is a the element of having to be quick to claim the must have item. Or else your darling friend might snag it.

But more than that I was impressed that they had such a outspoken style. It took me ages to find my true self - my style and to this day I still go astray every now and again. Sorry but it is true, for example I am tempted by the leather trouser look but in all seriousness what am I thinking. Sausage is never a good look. So unless my dieting regime kicks in and produces wonders. I need to step away from anything that remotely resembles a leather trouser.

Source: Twitting Stars
So how do girls come into their own so soon? Am I jealous? Yeah kind of. Young ladies like Olivia Palermo baffle and inspire me. 12 years my junior (pheww I am old) but with so much creativity. I had never thought of some of the combinations that young lady comes up with.

And take Alexa Chung - still in her twenties and yet has her young Mulberry bag to underline the impact she has on style and trends. Not my personal inspiration but how many girls have you now seen sporting the dark roots, light tips look?

I think it so groovy to see these younger girls already experimenting with trends and finding what they like and suits them. I wish there was more individuality out there. So please if you're reading this - be true to yourself, you have to fit the mold and if you are a mum as hard as it may be (and how horrific you may find it) encouraging a little self expression isnt a bad thing....  most of the time...



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