Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Life - My Fashion

So a little while back it was Labour Day (US public holiday) and according to US fashion laws - the kind that only films like Serial Mom could enforce - you should no longer wear white. But Summer last until September 23rd this year so surely there is a bit of flexibility here, no?

So it occurs to me where did fashion rules come from and isnt the whole idea of discovering your own style about breaking these rules? Ages ago who would have dared to combine silver and gold accessories or worse yet black and dark blue or even combine prints. And it makes me wonder are there women out there still sticking to these rules for no real reason?

Last weekend at a girlie lunch (the best kind) we talked about white jeans and when and when not to wear them - my darling sister believes to only wear them when it is sunny but that could mean summer, fall, winter or spring.

It makes me think that rules arent really rules more guidance and it should be completely up to the individual to deal with these so - called rules in whatever way you see fit. Personally I love white and wore white in winter with black tights and a black jacket (thank you darling Kate Moss for the inspiration) and I adore midnight blue that shimmers against black trousers - it gives depth, allure and a sense of occasion (btw in my opinion trousers, dresses whichever you like) and silver and gold all the time - I really can hardly decide and with my steel and gold Baume & Mercier watch who needs to. The only one I struggle with is a mix of prints - I find myself courageous when I combine leopard print heels with a teal dress but the next step is my star print blouse (black & white) and my black pencil skirt paired with my leopard kitten heels.
Baby steps ladies - baby steps ....

good luck creating your rules and breaking them - tell me how you get on x



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just bought red, patent, gorgeous heels ... where to wear them Nat? They work beautifully with a boring black dress ... but surely I can get more use out of them, ideas please .... (your Scottish/German friend)

September 13, 2011 at 10:49 PM  

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