Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waiting for September

It may sound strange but I find this that awkward time between summer and autumn, when you find yourself in fashion limbo. Do I start dreaming of fall fashions to come? Do I linger in the feeling that summer is still here and enjoy the last of the summer wine?

Thankfully this year I am lucky enough to have a mini sun break ahead of me so I can still dream of all the lovely flowly bright, light maxi dresses until my heart is content but admittedly I have headed to the news agents a few times this week to see if my fashion mags highly awaited September issues have arrived. I will admit I was mortified this morning when I asked when they were expecting to receive the US Vogue and the woman behind the counter just glazed over and mumbled something along the lines of 'uh I dont know'.

Surely with me there are more fashionista in dreaming (ie. those a little less financial afluent than their counterpart the fashionista in making) that are looking out for this biblic issue to appear.

So what is it about september issues of Instyle, Red, Glamour, Vogue, Elle - this list is endless that makes my heart beat faster? Easy - EYE CANDY! Lusting after the next must haves, seeing how the figure enviable and fashion savy combine it all to make me dream even further.

It does make me wonder if we women say we dress for each other in some kind of subconcious competition self expression who is the fashionista dressing for. Her peers? Me? Surely it cant be men. I love the articles about our female latest fashion must haves and the male take on it all with my loved wedges never making the male top list. Ahhh but height and comfort cant be beat in my book. Back to the fashionista if she is dressing for me, honey let me tell you - you win. Hands down I bow to thee. Thank you for brighting my september, making me long for the september issues and inspiring my fashion take every season again.
Where would I be without you?
much love.



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