Friday, August 19, 2011

new catchphrase: New York Skinny

Having read the latest hype regarding the Paris/ New York divide in skinniness. It got me thinking. Having lived in New York and Paris (although admittedly always with international friends) you cant help but notice the skinniness that surrounds you and as a curvy girl that can be tricky to deal with.

My personal opinion is that their skinniness comes from two fundamentally different approaches to life. The Parisian gals are deer like, gamin in search of the pouty seductress whereas for me the New Yorker is focussed, drivenand determined. That's not to say skinny on both sides of the spectrum requires commitment but to me it is an overall feeling. Skinny in Paris means only indulging when appropriate and can mean living of cigarettes and espresson during the day in preparation for dinner but ideally no exercise that doesnt help the calves and in New York means strict choices no carbs in liquid or solid form, exercising relgiously. I admire both forms for their dedication. Me I get it wrong on both sides - with the special treats like cheese, Cotes de Provence Rose, Moelleux au Chocolat or on the atlantic Eggs Benedict. But I do want to make smarter choices and live more 20/80 than 50/50.

I wonder how much the female role models in our world play a role in all of this. If your mum told you to watch the sweets or commented as you were growing up does that heighten your sensivity? Or if you mum herself was always watching her weight is it just something that was passed on? My mum embraced motherhood and say it as a separate part to being attractive in the way her former self was. She indulged. When we moved back to Holland from the States she went overboard on all the Dutch goodies she had missed and so did we. She did look for comfort food and I do it too. But I know this things so why cant I break the spiral? Any tips? Mind you my goal is sexy, curvy and healthy so all about balance. But I do see the benefits.

To me the skinny skinny approach does have its benefits and does require serious dedication and I sadly need more discpline. That sad I am off on a French holiday next week and I will dig the bread basket, will have the summer wine, will have a pudding if the urge strikes me and even though I am at the beach I wont feel guilty (at least not until I get home). I will admire the amazing younger gals around and will be inspired to do better but whilst I am there - HELLO let's enjoy!
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