Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lotions and Potions - Oh My!

Hi my name is Natalie and I am sucker for the promise of youth, small pores, glowing skin, plumpness, a flawless finish, no fine lines (or line period), no dark circles - the list is endless.

I go into the cosmetics section and feel a rush like a kid in a very expensive overly promising cnady story. The rush is unreal. And just flipping through a magazine is some times too much to handle. The idea of enteral youth just at my finger tips if I buy this new serum or anti-aging hair repair. Its inspiring and scary that the same time. I wonder if my mother knew that her hair could age her (not the haircut no the hair strands themselves) or that is she bleached her teeth more that too would make her look younger. There is so much we can do or we can think of it is seriously overwhelming at times. With the likes of Demi Moore, Haley Barry, Sharon Stone - the benchmark is high and aging gracefully doesnt really exist not ageing that's the secret.

So the latest list of must haves I dont know where to begin. So I grabbed the nearest UK Marie Claire to see how I get on.
  • Hmm - baby doll eyes - not sure with that hair I am thinking the mascara is not for me. I am still loyal to my Faux Cils YSL although the new shocking one does make me think of cheating. But its not really cheating is it? YSL wont really mind would he?

  • Dior Forever - perfect foundation Miss Portman does look flawless but not entirely sure when there is the cheap alternative from Max Factor with serum and foundation in one. The lazy girl's new best friend. Hmmm. Need to think this one through. When there is also Revlon Age Defying. This one has DNA technology and 96% of women thought something. Do I agree with them? Do I want to be one of many. Many cant be wrong can they? But then there is Teint Miracle from Lancome which can make Julia Roberts go from Blonde to Brunette with flawless, glowing skin. Could that work for me?

  • What about finding the one? Apparently Boots can help with their face cream that reduces deep wrinkles. Hmm I am srue they are right nothing scares a man away like a single, deep -wrinkled 37 year old. Scarier than Fright Night I am sure.

  • And then of course there is Visionnaire which has me torn. I love love love Genefique how can Visionnaire replace my love unless I can combine them to boost my love. A greater love. Is it possible? Doesnt Lancome realize the pressure they putting on me. I want them both. Help what to do?

And this my friends is why I struggle with lotions and potions...



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