Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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Last weekend was amazing - the last little gift from the summer goddess (yes in my book summer is a women not sure why) ... cafe in the sun for lunch, dinner outside under dangling lights, a gusty Mistral wind (no idea how that got to Paris) and ... wait for it FIREWORKS.

But what I love best about a change of scenery is the fashion inspiration and what better place than PARIS. The city that prides itself in cafes galore all there to watch the world (and fashion) go by. Yum!

Now I am no expert photographer so I have to do with words and in this case here are the details:

Thursday: a welcome drink and much needed recovery time, in what felt like the gay male runaway - love how the Marc Jacobs fans put it all out there, followed by thai dinner, seated next to a lovely couple where she had a sheer pussybow blouse on, coifed chignon in a laisse-faire kind of way, with dark eyes and red bright matt lips. Wow with her dark hair and olive complexion - I was jealous. But then I saw her date ... why was a woman that lovely with him and all he did was talk about his ex. (note boys - not appropriate date behaviour)

Friday: lunch at BON - love love love the interiour service rubbish but the interiour. Followed by a spot of shopping on Rue de Passy. Rediscovered 2 things 1) my love for black and 2) my love for COS. Watch out next pay day. I loved the mix of posh put together ladies, the boho chique (sauvage) look tweens and everything in between. Not keen on the fighting for a seating with the older chique ladies from the 16th but then I always think. You know you speak the language when you can argue.

Saturday: girlie lunch at Place Victor Hugo (who was a famous writer - who knew so thankfully for Parisian street signs to educate the uneducated) followed by roaming the avenues for shopping inspiration. More black and more inspiration. Love how the ladies all where the little bracelets (hmmm by a new one everytime, every single time) and the lucky alhambra necklaces (http://nataliehoegen.blogspot.com/2011/08/iconic-jewellery.html). More envy. Dinner under the stars at Le Clocher du Village on a little square with lights dangling a hidden gem in the 16th ... and to top it off the largest fireworks in Europe ... with 31 degrees that day it was a perfect summer end to a wonderful summer.

So Sunday was back in the rain but with fashion ideas, magazines at the ready and a need to wear black ...



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