Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashion Must Haves

Jippie - it is a new season and new fashion to get excited about. Here are my current wish list items - but take note my wish list is an ever changing thing... that's what makes it so fun!
First of all, a good watch is a must have. I will admit I have a little bit of collection but one thing still missing is a chunky gold male version in ideally rose gold. Soft but masculine, fresh yet warm - I think this Michael Kors version is fantastic for just this purpose. And the collection is so vaste that there will be something for everyone. I am sure.
The white shirt. You can really take this to the limited - fitted, boyfriend, slouchy, pleated, rouched, wide and so on and so on. A crisp white shirt can add a bit of the unexpected to any outfit or just straighten it out. I love that there a store dedicted to just this - the white shirt (think Anne Fontaine) but you can do you white shirt hunting at any fashion spot worth its name and reputation. The photo featured here is from Asos and I am in love plus for that price... whats to think about!
Ladies - please - please - please go out and buy a pencil skirt! It suits us all - curvy, straight, tall, slim, boyish and this season there are so many versions to choose from. Granted the example above is a little risky (mind you thay have a green one online too think Jenny Lyons with a white shirt) but with jersey alternatives, or zipper feature versions there will for sure be one that suits you. I love them so I have already have 3 and even my curviness am loving this sequin one with a white shirt.
Hello 70's... The other silhouette I adore this season is this flowly midi dress perfect with boots and Farrah Fawcett hair and a smile. I love this for a colour splash truly a gem to have in my closet.
And tell me about it stud... I love a good shoe and spikey, studded ones are almost too good to be true. I am looking for the right pair to combine funky, with classy and just love the view of this pair...

Now you may be noticing a trend here... my love of ASOS and true they have a huge collection of brands, ship easily abroad (anywhere really) and do brilliant takes on today's fashion what's not to love...

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