Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Frenzy

I just dont understand myself sometimes. I have my preferences when it comes to fashion or my flat and none of them include multi-coloured knitwear or tablewear but the prospect of discount designer sends me into an uncontrolable frenzy. The only salvation really is that Target doesnt ship to Europe. (BTW Global market place apparently not if you are an American company) so I was saved from myself and the damage I could have caused.

So what is - the designer discount? But I really desperately needed a Missoni swimsuit there is the solution of saving up for it (I know novel idea but a recessionista with a strong will should at the very least consider it), is it the limited edition factor? I didnt have the same excitement at the thought of H&M Lavin, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney. So is it maybe the designer itself? Retrospectively I should have been more interested in some of the H&M collaborations but Target does achieve really top collaboration - Zac Posen, Rodarte, Paul & Joe and now Missoni to name but a few that just strike a cord with the dream fashionista that I tend to think that I am (even if only in my dreams).

And so I wonder who really shops for these discount duds? Is it a real girl chance at a Jimmy Choo set of heels or bag? Doesnt some one with a respect for design, creation, and craftmanship treasure the product and its uniqueness. My major designer extravangza tends to be the bag never to make for feel fat and a real statement piece it is my bit of luxury that is attainable even save-able. But with more and more similar bags being carried (LV monogram anyone? and I have them too so just as to blame) around it is losing its appeal and specialness in a way. Louis Vuitton themselves recently announced a re-assessment of price points to re-establish the luxury distinction.

So isnt this a bit of a catch 22? But with a recession on the cards again - who cares...



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