Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dressing for Dinner

It has become my own Christmas tradition - a quick trip to London. A chance to admire the lights, soak in the Christmas feeling, indulge in mince pies (never thougth I would say that) and just do the London thing. But just this year I find myself getting excited about what to wear. Maybe it is the one evening shot and the true London idea of dressing for the party season that I have been thinking of buying a new frock.

See that is what I love about London, girls do get dressed up (even outside the so-called party season) to go out on the town. I used to laugh at the effort they put into a dinner with friends (or more importantly the tiny dresses, bare legs and glossy sandels on Valentine's Day) but now in one way or another I admire it. Maybe it is due to signs of withdrawal. Dutch style in general is more relaxed. Putting on heels would count as making an effort. And with mags raving about the style efforts of  French chique girls. It seems that getting dressed for dinner is old school. Only to be found in films, cruises (if American) and in my grandmother's reference book.

So yesterday I caught myself staring at a shiny black strapless frock that I would never wear again here but would go so well with my net metallic black peeptoes. My desire to search for the ultimate party outfit continued online... See here the results of Fashion Dreaming on where I saw sparkly dresses, shiny shoes, glamourous clutches. It was just all too much to take in. It did get me thinking, inspired really.

Maybe I am just lusting after all that glitters. I do like the understated elements of cool these days - you know the look as though you stylishly threw the look together with no effort at all. Think Kate Moss. What if I decided to combine the glitter with cool.Tone it down then prehaps it would all become more wearable for here and more inspirational as well. So I have a new goal. Search for dresses that dont necessary work for all occasions but can work in a toned down setting just as well as the glamourous one and might even translate to the cruise setting - should I ever dare to brave the sea ( I saw Titantic 3 times so its not very likely).

Will keep you posted on how my efforts go ... but in the meantime... I have a new shopping mission.



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