Sunday, September 16, 2012

A sucker for a bangle

My latest obession - bracelets!

Lots of them, as many as possible together without looking like a total idiot. In my fav blog term 'A true arm party' and if you are a cute bangle you are so invited!

So I had a look around the internet to give a clue as to what is excited my right now!

Source: Shourok
First off in line with the embellished trend - I love sparkle. In fact I am surprised to find that Zara has been helping me indulge. But I also some amazing ones on So here are few to get you drooling...

Then there is an unexpected newcomer in the field that I honestly wasn't expecting : J.Crew. I love Jenny Lyons with her quirky style and the fact that on their website they do Styles we love which even if it isn't exactly my sense of style it does make me think out of the box and rethink my wardrobe ... being a bit more creative...

So here are my fav picks from J.Crew ... They have fab bangles in leopard, fushia, cobalt blue oh my but also a pave link bracelet that does uptown chique in a new and quirky way.

For me jewellery let's you re-invite an outfit each and every time. In today's world, being thrifty and clever is important so taking your fav black pencil skirt and work white, crisp shirt from last season to being completely up to date - is as simple as finding some super bangles. A smart investment that will work with lots of your favourite outfits - ohhhh and do let me know how you get on!
Am curious to see x



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