Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back from beyond ...

It has been ages ... I know but I lost my mojo!

Really shocking actually, here I am supposed career girl, happy go lucky, cheerful and stylishly smart but then - boom - as out of no where the dreaded word ... burnout. I am still not comfortable with that word because it makes me think of a match burnt to a crisp with no chance of relighting. But that isnt the case for me. It is more a case of losing energy and not being able to re-egnite. Not getting excited or enthusiastic about things that normally thrill me - like fashion or writing on my blog.

But that was then this is now... and I am back - well in baby steps. Working on my energy and the things that make me happy. Revisiting my world. and my work. Maybe this is the dreaded pre-40 crisis that I am feeling. Or maybe just the outcome of 15 years in advertising as an account person being dealt it by both sides. Hmmm I will think that one through and whilst I am still coming to a conclusion I will be back to writing and sharing what I find fashionably inspiring!

Get ready - I am back!



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