Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell me about it stud!

Oke I will be honest - the title made me chuckle. Yes laughing at my own jokes and then outing myself on the never-ending internet - sad I know.

So unless you have been blind - you will have noticed the stud trend and personally I think Valentino started it all. I fell in love love love with a side studded handbag and have now seen clever and thrifty (my catch phrase of the season) at Zara.

But this season Valentino upped the game with the beautiful mixed versions. So you can be a hard punk rock fashionista with the Noir collection.


Or a soft on the inside hard on the outside fashionista with sweet coloured studs.



And it you need to be a little flashy you can go a little pave. So if you are thinking of going the studded route, consider an investment piece from Valentino all to be found on online shopping but also try my-wardrobe and

Hope in true Grease style if makes you feel like Olivia Newton-John in skin tight leathers....



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