Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taste - from Amsterdam

There was a time not too long ago that I wasnt keen on anything that was Dutch symbolic for fashion.

Viktor and Rolf at H&M didnt tickle my fancy, Rituals originally just felt like a me too and I prefer Molton Brown, Hyves was a cute idea but not truly internationally and do I really want to invest in a piece by Supertrash (the name alone doesnt spell classy) - anyway you get the idea.

It was strange to me because I do let my Orange flag fly come football or Queen's Day. I even thought the idea of breathing new life into Spyker was cool (though a little lost), had to laugh when anyone referenced the origin of Big Brother and I adore Dutch interior design with the likes of Marcel Wanders, Piet Boon, Jan de Bouvrie and my ultimate favourite Eric Kuster but I am here to say my opinions have changed... only a little.

Source: Smaak Amsterdam
I now really like Rituals - but wait there is more. I adore this brand of bags, clutches and wallets that is so good I have to broadcast it. Smaak Amsterdam (smaak is Dutch for taste and in this case good taste) is fantastic. They make affordable, stylish bags that come in so many colours the are truly individual. Here are a few teasers to get your mouth watering. With jewel tones, muted nuances and warm sunny brights - you will for certain find something to suit your outfits.
Source: Smaak Amsterdam

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

I went for the yellow Zinnia as my work hold all.

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

So tell me what you like. Check out and tell me what you think.

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

Oh and tell me if you can pronounce Smaak in your language - I think good things can happen for this brand - if only we could say the name but that might just be the appeal :-)


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ohh i love ALL the bags :D
Epiphany in swansea

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