Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taste - from Amsterdam

There was a time not too long ago that I wasnt keen on anything that was Dutch symbolic for fashion.

Viktor and Rolf at H&M didnt tickle my fancy, Rituals originally just felt like a me too and I prefer Molton Brown, Hyves was a cute idea but not truly internationally and do I really want to invest in a piece by Supertrash (the name alone doesnt spell classy) - anyway you get the idea.

It was strange to me because I do let my Orange flag fly come football or Queen's Day. I even thought the idea of breathing new life into Spyker was cool (though a little lost), had to laugh when anyone referenced the origin of Big Brother and I adore Dutch interior design with the likes of Marcel Wanders, Piet Boon, Jan de Bouvrie and my ultimate favourite Eric Kuster but I am here to say my opinions have changed... only a little.

Source: Smaak Amsterdam
I now really like Rituals - but wait there is more. I adore this brand of bags, clutches and wallets that is so good I have to broadcast it. Smaak Amsterdam (smaak is Dutch for taste and in this case good taste) is fantastic. They make affordable, stylish bags that come in so many colours the are truly individual. Here are a few teasers to get your mouth watering. With jewel tones, muted nuances and warm sunny brights - you will for certain find something to suit your outfits.
Source: Smaak Amsterdam

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

I went for the yellow Zinnia as my work hold all.

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

So tell me what you like. Check out and tell me what you think.

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

Source: Smaak Amsterdam

Oh and tell me if you can pronounce Smaak in your language - I think good things can happen for this brand - if only we could say the name but that might just be the appeal :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Fav Five - Zara

I heart Zara! I will admit it - it's true!

They translate trends in a smart, polished and stylish way that is affordable. Let's me honest, everyone has something from Zara in their wardrobe and for some of us it is our go to shop.

So I went through their online shop and picked out my must haves for this month. Yes this month because clever as they are every month brings something new to tempt us with.

1. Leather trousers - or leatherette really - I know I mentioned this last year how much I envy the leggy girls who can get away with wearing these but I am now going to take the plunge and find the curvy girl's version. I reckon with enough stretch and the right fit we curvy girls can get away with it too and look pretty fine doing it. So watch this space as to how I get on!

2. Fur vests - when I told my sister I loved this vest she compared me with a grey Big Bird. So needless to say we have very different tastes but I love the length and the colour. So have it on my fav list. I wonder what you think?


3. Studs - studs and more studs - if you saw my earlier post you will have read about my latest obsession and that I think Zara has stayed very true to the Valentino take on studs, keeping them polished. So I thought revamped the ueber popular shopper with studs is genius! I love it.


4. Embellished jackets - or cardies is you prefer. I love combining opposites in fashion - leather with floaty, studs with pastels and here embellished with softness. For me, the 1950s with their collars and pearls and embellishment was too ridgid. It makes me think of Mona Lisa's Smile which immediately makes me cringe in the closed mindedness it portrayed. So this jacket gives the best of boths worlds. Embellished for then, flexible for now.


5. Shoes - A girl can NEVER have too many shoes although in my case she can make a few very odd choices. And these sandals are sexy and so now but also super practical with black tights for winter and bare legged for summer. You could almost call it an investment!

So these are my fav five - how about you? What do you love?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nailing it ...

I love manicures or just colour changing. Apparently in the past when the economy was tricky, women indulged in lipstick to cheer themselves up but in today's world it is nail polish.

Who can blame us when the likes of Essie and OPI make us feel like a kid in a candy shop. Chanel gets us up in a Frenzy (literally with the latest shade) with their must have shades of each season. I couldnt resist going for Holiday and Delight this year.

I will admit it doing my nails is therapeutic for me and I will change my nail colour as often as 5 times a week even when on holiday.

During the summer I loved the light blues and light green ones - like ice cream.

But I was also inspired by another blog I frequently read (let's be honest two of the best things in the world) and was inspired to try doing the sunset manicure too. I was cheerfully pleased with the result.

When I buy polishes the names also inspire me - and they help me remember which is which. So whether it is OPI Lincoln Park after Dark or Roll in the Hague - the name alone can make me happy. I am a huge fan of the coral tones. They suit my skintone better than red and make a nice switch from black in winter.

But I love how black and greys have become the new staples for winter.

So tell me ... what is your favourite nail polish colour?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell me about it stud!

Oke I will be honest - the title made me chuckle. Yes laughing at my own jokes and then outing myself on the never-ending internet - sad I know.

So unless you have been blind - you will have noticed the stud trend and personally I think Valentino started it all. I fell in love love love with a side studded handbag and have now seen clever and thrifty (my catch phrase of the season) at Zara.

But this season Valentino upped the game with the beautiful mixed versions. So you can be a hard punk rock fashionista with the Noir collection.


Or a soft on the inside hard on the outside fashionista with sweet coloured studs.



And it you need to be a little flashy you can go a little pave. So if you are thinking of going the studded route, consider an investment piece from Valentino all to be found on online shopping but also try my-wardrobe and

Hope in true Grease style if makes you feel like Olivia Newton-John in skin tight leathers....


Sunday, September 16, 2012

A sucker for a bangle

My latest obession - bracelets!

Lots of them, as many as possible together without looking like a total idiot. In my fav blog term 'A true arm party' and if you are a cute bangle you are so invited!

So I had a look around the internet to give a clue as to what is excited my right now!

Source: Shourok
First off in line with the embellished trend - I love sparkle. In fact I am surprised to find that Zara has been helping me indulge. But I also some amazing ones on So here are few to get you drooling...

Then there is an unexpected newcomer in the field that I honestly wasn't expecting : J.Crew. I love Jenny Lyons with her quirky style and the fact that on their website they do Styles we love which even if it isn't exactly my sense of style it does make me think out of the box and rethink my wardrobe ... being a bit more creative...

So here are my fav picks from J.Crew ... They have fab bangles in leopard, fushia, cobalt blue oh my but also a pave link bracelet that does uptown chique in a new and quirky way.

For me jewellery let's you re-invite an outfit each and every time. In today's world, being thrifty and clever is important so taking your fav black pencil skirt and work white, crisp shirt from last season to being completely up to date - is as simple as finding some super bangles. A smart investment that will work with lots of your favourite outfits - ohhhh and do let me know how you get on!
Am curious to see x


Back from beyond ...

It has been ages ... I know but I lost my mojo!

Really shocking actually, here I am supposed career girl, happy go lucky, cheerful and stylishly smart but then - boom - as out of no where the dreaded word ... burnout. I am still not comfortable with that word because it makes me think of a match burnt to a crisp with no chance of relighting. But that isnt the case for me. It is more a case of losing energy and not being able to re-egnite. Not getting excited or enthusiastic about things that normally thrill me - like fashion or writing on my blog.

But that was then this is now... and I am back - well in baby steps. Working on my energy and the things that make me happy. Revisiting my world. and my work. Maybe this is the dreaded pre-40 crisis that I am feeling. Or maybe just the outcome of 15 years in advertising as an account person being dealt it by both sides. Hmmm I will think that one through and whilst I am still coming to a conclusion I will be back to writing and sharing what I find fashionably inspiring!

Get ready - I am back!