Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Frenzy

I just dont understand myself sometimes. I have my preferences when it comes to fashion or my flat and none of them include multi-coloured knitwear or tablewear but the prospect of discount designer sends me into an uncontrolable frenzy. The only salvation really is that Target doesnt ship to Europe. (BTW Global market place apparently not if you are an American company) so I was saved from myself and the damage I could have caused.

So what is - the designer discount? But I really desperately needed a Missoni swimsuit there is the solution of saving up for it (I know novel idea but a recessionista with a strong will should at the very least consider it), is it the limited edition factor? I didnt have the same excitement at the thought of H&M Lavin, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney. So is it maybe the designer itself? Retrospectively I should have been more interested in some of the H&M collaborations but Target does achieve really top collaboration - Zac Posen, Rodarte, Paul & Joe and now Missoni to name but a few that just strike a cord with the dream fashionista that I tend to think that I am (even if only in my dreams).

And so I wonder who really shops for these discount duds? Is it a real girl chance at a Jimmy Choo set of heels or bag? Doesnt some one with a respect for design, creation, and craftmanship treasure the product and its uniqueness. My major designer extravangza tends to be the bag never to make for feel fat and a real statement piece it is my bit of luxury that is attainable even save-able. But with more and more similar bags being carried (LV monogram anyone? and I have them too so just as to blame) around it is losing its appeal and specialness in a way. Louis Vuitton themselves recently announced a re-assessment of price points to re-establish the luxury distinction.

So isnt this a bit of a catch 22? But with a recession on the cards again - who cares...


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashion Must Haves

Jippie - it is a new season and new fashion to get excited about. Here are my current wish list items - but take note my wish list is an ever changing thing... that's what makes it so fun!
First of all, a good watch is a must have. I will admit I have a little bit of collection but one thing still missing is a chunky gold male version in ideally rose gold. Soft but masculine, fresh yet warm - I think this Michael Kors version is fantastic for just this purpose. And the collection is so vaste that there will be something for everyone. I am sure.
The white shirt. You can really take this to the limited - fitted, boyfriend, slouchy, pleated, rouched, wide and so on and so on. A crisp white shirt can add a bit of the unexpected to any outfit or just straighten it out. I love that there a store dedicted to just this - the white shirt (think Anne Fontaine) but you can do you white shirt hunting at any fashion spot worth its name and reputation. The photo featured here is from Asos and I am in love plus for that price... whats to think about!
Ladies - please - please - please go out and buy a pencil skirt! It suits us all - curvy, straight, tall, slim, boyish and this season there are so many versions to choose from. Granted the example above is a little risky (mind you thay have a green one online too think Jenny Lyons with a white shirt) but with jersey alternatives, or zipper feature versions there will for sure be one that suits you. I love them so I have already have 3 and even my curviness am loving this sequin one with a white shirt.
Hello 70's... The other silhouette I adore this season is this flowly midi dress perfect with boots and Farrah Fawcett hair and a smile. I love this for a colour splash truly a gem to have in my closet.
And tell me about it stud... I love a good shoe and spikey, studded ones are almost too good to be true. I am looking for the right pair to combine funky, with classy and just love the view of this pair...

Now you may be noticing a trend here... my love of ASOS and true they have a huge collection of brands, ship easily abroad (anywhere really) and do brilliant takes on today's fashion what's not to love...

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Last weekend was amazing - the last little gift from the summer goddess (yes in my book summer is a women not sure why) ... cafe in the sun for lunch, dinner outside under dangling lights, a gusty Mistral wind (no idea how that got to Paris) and ... wait for it FIREWORKS.

But what I love best about a change of scenery is the fashion inspiration and what better place than PARIS. The city that prides itself in cafes galore all there to watch the world (and fashion) go by. Yum!

Now I am no expert photographer so I have to do with words and in this case here are the details:

Thursday: a welcome drink and much needed recovery time, in what felt like the gay male runaway - love how the Marc Jacobs fans put it all out there, followed by thai dinner, seated next to a lovely couple where she had a sheer pussybow blouse on, coifed chignon in a laisse-faire kind of way, with dark eyes and red bright matt lips. Wow with her dark hair and olive complexion - I was jealous. But then I saw her date ... why was a woman that lovely with him and all he did was talk about his ex. (note boys - not appropriate date behaviour)

Friday: lunch at BON - love love love the interiour service rubbish but the interiour. Followed by a spot of shopping on Rue de Passy. Rediscovered 2 things 1) my love for black and 2) my love for COS. Watch out next pay day. I loved the mix of posh put together ladies, the boho chique (sauvage) look tweens and everything in between. Not keen on the fighting for a seating with the older chique ladies from the 16th but then I always think. You know you speak the language when you can argue.

Saturday: girlie lunch at Place Victor Hugo (who was a famous writer - who knew so thankfully for Parisian street signs to educate the uneducated) followed by roaming the avenues for shopping inspiration. More black and more inspiration. Love how the ladies all where the little bracelets (hmmm by a new one everytime, every single time) and the lucky alhambra necklaces ( More envy. Dinner under the stars at Le Clocher du Village on a little square with lights dangling a hidden gem in the 16th ... and to top it off the largest fireworks in Europe ... with 31 degrees that day it was a perfect summer end to a wonderful summer.

So Sunday was back in the rain but with fashion ideas, magazines at the ready and a need to wear black ...


Friendship - Nature or Nuture?

Just recently through the amazing phenomon Facebook I got back in touch with friends from years ago - some as far back as elementary school and others from University making me realize just how global and mobile our world has become. But is social media changing the way we are, make and maintain friends?

Everyone has had the random friend invite from the guy or gal you just dont know (and not in that Friday Night - we kissed but I forgot sense no the real I just have no clue who you are sense). Now why would you do that? Surely the idea is to be in touch and part of the lives of people you are care about, are interested in and or want to stay in touch with. Maybe I am just getting old and to me some random wanting to be my 'friend' without knowing me seems a little well hmmmm what's the word - random. But is social media helping us maintain friendships?

I once read (please dont ask for the source) that we change our friends every 7 years like the closet clear out thing that I should consider doing but find really unsettling. Just recently I missed that top that I am sure I had prior to my move back to NL so was it really wise to throw it out??? So I cant do it. I cant unfriend friends. I cant even do the guy thing and stop calling. I truly believe in growing, watering and feeding friendships. Doesnt mean that I see my friends all the time but when you are the one to leave - i.e. move - you need to invest. So thank FB for saving me a few Euros on the phone bills. Because that to me is the sad thing - lives go on, and when you move you need to build a new life and so at times you end up missing and romanticising the old one. So when you are then the one wanting to stay in touch it is sometimes a little sad that you are the only having to call or email or text or in my case send smoke signals. But I get it which is why I adore technology for making it easier to reach people and let my darling friends know I miss them, care about them, think of them. So if you are reading this you have been told mwuahhh.

I dont understand people who just naturally let friendship grow and become whatever they like. Surely that isnt how you would treat your hair, nails, garden - insert any suitable comparison - so why friendship. It's not a given and like a relationship needs a bit of love and attention.

That said - let's be honest the best friendships are those that you can leave neglected for a long while and pick up where you left off. Now if only my hair would do that.

lots of love friends x


My Life - My Fashion

So a little while back it was Labour Day (US public holiday) and according to US fashion laws - the kind that only films like Serial Mom could enforce - you should no longer wear white. But Summer last until September 23rd this year so surely there is a bit of flexibility here, no?

So it occurs to me where did fashion rules come from and isnt the whole idea of discovering your own style about breaking these rules? Ages ago who would have dared to combine silver and gold accessories or worse yet black and dark blue or even combine prints. And it makes me wonder are there women out there still sticking to these rules for no real reason?

Last weekend at a girlie lunch (the best kind) we talked about white jeans and when and when not to wear them - my darling sister believes to only wear them when it is sunny but that could mean summer, fall, winter or spring.

It makes me think that rules arent really rules more guidance and it should be completely up to the individual to deal with these so - called rules in whatever way you see fit. Personally I love white and wore white in winter with black tights and a black jacket (thank you darling Kate Moss for the inspiration) and I adore midnight blue that shimmers against black trousers - it gives depth, allure and a sense of occasion (btw in my opinion trousers, dresses whichever you like) and silver and gold all the time - I really can hardly decide and with my steel and gold Baume & Mercier watch who needs to. The only one I struggle with is a mix of prints - I find myself courageous when I combine leopard print heels with a teal dress but the next step is my star print blouse (black & white) and my black pencil skirt paired with my leopard kitten heels.
Baby steps ladies - baby steps ....

good luck creating your rules and breaking them - tell me how you get on x