Sunday, October 30, 2011

Get your Studio 54 on!

When I was a little girl I used to love playing dress up - my granny had the best dresses, nightgowns, bags, sequin little jacket that in fact I now loving keep in my closet.

So when I saw these shoes and dreses all courtesy of Topshop - it was just too much to take not to share the love. So if you arent feeling the Saturday Night Fever by the of this post - please run out and rent the flick, turn the music loud and boogie the night away.

Here we go...

The Velvet Collection
Velvet is soft, seductive, lush and glamorous so these numbers capture that feeling completely.

This mini dress in a jewel colour is stunning and seriously sexy.

The Maxi version is a little more conservative but by being floaty it has that reserved seductiveness to it which I love.

And the velvet trend even continues on into shoes. These platform bootlets are definitely set to flaunt your pins and give you the height for maximum impact.

 The Metallic Collection

Shining, blinging and utterly reflective. Either in the sparkly form or straight up dripping liquid mental. Such as this scalloped toplet to combine with your favourite skinnies to take the world by storm.

Or these college style platform heels that just begging for a boogie.

If sparkly is more your thing but not in the sequin bang on trend style. Check out these Miu Miu inspired bootlets that are to die for!

 Our these lace sparkly shorts that will show of killer legs.
 And finally the dress that just translates to any decade - 70's, 20's 30's you can make it all your own. Totally adaptable and stunning... asking for a little twirl.

So I hope all these Topshop examples have gotten your taste buds jumping because what little girl (and maybe even just the mental kind) doesnt love dressing up!



I am blaming the September issues... it all started with the Donna Karan ads. I saw a coat - so smooth, so warm, so unattainable I was in love. Then it was everywhere - fur - faux and not so faux. I was torn and adoring all that I saw. In the past I have really thinking it through - how does one do non-bulky fur? Is the style? The type of fur? The length of the item? So many questions and no idea where to begin. So I did what any resourceful young lady with the internet at her finger tips might do. I scoured the internet in search of all that was furry and good. Here are my to adore finds - hopefully they will inspire you...

This is gilet has a lovely high collar and in the light grey colour will make a great combination with ton sur ton options. I love this length because it gives you the chance to belt it or wear it loose bohemian style and if if you are a twiglet over a blazer and layer things up. But you can also find a true treasure in the more affordable ranges - such as this find from Topshop. I think it has that retro French feel to it that makes it truly cool.
I also love the full-on coat look - think less Dynasty and more soft, buttery and lean - such as the versions on Netaporter. But if you are thinking of giving it your best Crystal flick then Topshop has a faux fox that might leave you and Blake feeling Carrington-like foxy.

And if it all just to much - maybe just stick to a collar which can smarten up any coat. I have even been fortunate even to have inherited a few from my grannie - can I say the ones that had the potential to talk to me, bite me or worse were kindly declined. How did women back then wear those things and think they were the height out fashion? That said I had purple and green striped Espirt leggings in the 80s that I thought totally rocked. Hmmm all is relative. So even with the fur trend this season I think the key thing - is keep warm. If the New York blizzard is anything to go by it will get cold soon and that is no reason not be fashionable.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Perfect Black Court

Along with the nude court (or pump you pick you favourite word) for spring/summer the black court is the must have for autumn/winter. Not to say that you shouldnt mix it up with bootlets, boots, ballerina's galore and not to mention your heel options. But let's be honest ladies, who has more than 5 pairs of black courts in their wardrobe that all fulfill a separate and equally valuable contribution to your look. (Yes the shoe's contribution should never be underestimated - did I mention I am only 1.63 m i.e. 5"3 so I need to compensate)

Now I have gushed about this shop before but if it is good enough for Kate Middleton it is definitely good enough for me. I call LK Bennett ( the real girl's Jimmy Choo because for us real girls we cant all have a closet full of the priciest of designer finds. So here are my favourite picks for this season... all courtesy of LK Bennett ...

This is the Sledge which rose to fame in nude on the Duchess' feet but in patent black it still is stunning.

This loafer with a heel is so great for this seasons 60s and 70s fashion take. Call the Maida it comes in a range of colours to help you add that finishing touch to any look.

 This is the new Madie wedge heel which covers all fashion bases as well as being ueber stylish. Personally I feel that a shoe needs to have UMPH from the back view. A person behind you will see you shake it and let's face there is no denying the sex factor so make sure the shoe you choose makes you feel just that - sexy.

And if you want to glamify it ... so it in satin or lace. These two examples do a classic court with point and heel but add that extra something in the details. I love the combination with the gold and lace. Just stunning...
Hopefully all these examples will help you find that one missing pair that will just make your wardrobe... let me know if you succeed x


Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Good Piece of Jewellery

Tom Binns courtesy of
I whole-heartedly love jewellery as we have previously established I am always drawn to the glitter and glow.

Maybe it is in the hope that it will rub off and shine on me. But a good piece of jewellery needn't be expensive to transform a look.
Tom Binns courtesy of

From the amazing works of Tom Binns (see here courtesy of that go from creative to colourful and would change a simple black dress.

But also this glorious Lanvin necklace that is both fresh and new but evokes the feeling of a long time ago.

This Ileana Makri ring - subtle as it may be does in one moment express who you are. With fine sparkle and a tough exterior it gives you an amazing combination of the two.

But whatever accessory you choose to add sparkle to your look dont over do it. Think Coco Chanel always remove one accessory before you leave the house.

Less is more with these statement pieces.

If too many are used all at once it is as though you are shouting seven different messages all at once and just like a juggler you can only really catch the one - so dont use all your gun powder with the first shot.

Dressing for Dinner

It has become my own Christmas tradition - a quick trip to London. A chance to admire the lights, soak in the Christmas feeling, indulge in mince pies (never thougth I would say that) and just do the London thing. But just this year I find myself getting excited about what to wear. Maybe it is the one evening shot and the true London idea of dressing for the party season that I have been thinking of buying a new frock.

See that is what I love about London, girls do get dressed up (even outside the so-called party season) to go out on the town. I used to laugh at the effort they put into a dinner with friends (or more importantly the tiny dresses, bare legs and glossy sandels on Valentine's Day) but now in one way or another I admire it. Maybe it is due to signs of withdrawal. Dutch style in general is more relaxed. Putting on heels would count as making an effort. And with mags raving about the style efforts of  French chique girls. It seems that getting dressed for dinner is old school. Only to be found in films, cruises (if American) and in my grandmother's reference book.

So yesterday I caught myself staring at a shiny black strapless frock that I would never wear again here but would go so well with my net metallic black peeptoes. My desire to search for the ultimate party outfit continued online... See here the results of Fashion Dreaming on where I saw sparkly dresses, shiny shoes, glamourous clutches. It was just all too much to take in. It did get me thinking, inspired really.

Maybe I am just lusting after all that glitters. I do like the understated elements of cool these days - you know the look as though you stylishly threw the look together with no effort at all. Think Kate Moss. What if I decided to combine the glitter with cool.Tone it down then prehaps it would all become more wearable for here and more inspirational as well. So I have a new goal. Search for dresses that dont necessary work for all occasions but can work in a toned down setting just as well as the glamourous one and might even translate to the cruise setting - should I ever dare to brave the sea ( I saw Titantic 3 times so its not very likely).

Will keep you posted on how my efforts go ... but in the meantime... I have a new shopping mission.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding your true self - hello style

Just last week I was really amazed to see this group of girls (maybe just 20) - obviously a tight friend group but also each one with a strong personal and different style. One was the rocker chick with faux leather leggings, big silver jewellery, denim jacket and funky boots. The other tailored trousers, courts and a fitted jacket - not suity but more of a polished look. And finally the third in a boho chique dark floral dress and a faux fur gilet. All super cute and so different.

It was their differences that intriqued me. Most of my friends have more style similarities - makes it easier and more difficult whilst shopping. You know what stores to head out to but then if you have a similar size there is a the element of having to be quick to claim the must have item. Or else your darling friend might snag it.

But more than that I was impressed that they had such a outspoken style. It took me ages to find my true self - my style and to this day I still go astray every now and again. Sorry but it is true, for example I am tempted by the leather trouser look but in all seriousness what am I thinking. Sausage is never a good look. So unless my dieting regime kicks in and produces wonders. I need to step away from anything that remotely resembles a leather trouser.

Source: Twitting Stars
So how do girls come into their own so soon? Am I jealous? Yeah kind of. Young ladies like Olivia Palermo baffle and inspire me. 12 years my junior (pheww I am old) but with so much creativity. I had never thought of some of the combinations that young lady comes up with.

And take Alexa Chung - still in her twenties and yet has her young Mulberry bag to underline the impact she has on style and trends. Not my personal inspiration but how many girls have you now seen sporting the dark roots, light tips look?

I think it so groovy to see these younger girls already experimenting with trends and finding what they like and suits them. I wish there was more individuality out there. So please if you're reading this - be true to yourself, you have to fit the mold and if you are a mum as hard as it may be (and how horrific you may find it) encouraging a little self expression isnt a bad thing....  most of the time...


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lotions and Potions - Oh My!

Hi my name is Natalie and I am sucker for the promise of youth, small pores, glowing skin, plumpness, a flawless finish, no fine lines (or line period), no dark circles - the list is endless.

I go into the cosmetics section and feel a rush like a kid in a very expensive overly promising cnady story. The rush is unreal. And just flipping through a magazine is some times too much to handle. The idea of enteral youth just at my finger tips if I buy this new serum or anti-aging hair repair. Its inspiring and scary that the same time. I wonder if my mother knew that her hair could age her (not the haircut no the hair strands themselves) or that is she bleached her teeth more that too would make her look younger. There is so much we can do or we can think of it is seriously overwhelming at times. With the likes of Demi Moore, Haley Barry, Sharon Stone - the benchmark is high and aging gracefully doesnt really exist not ageing that's the secret.

So the latest list of must haves I dont know where to begin. So I grabbed the nearest UK Marie Claire to see how I get on.
  • Hmm - baby doll eyes - not sure with that hair I am thinking the mascara is not for me. I am still loyal to my Faux Cils YSL although the new shocking one does make me think of cheating. But its not really cheating is it? YSL wont really mind would he?

  • Dior Forever - perfect foundation Miss Portman does look flawless but not entirely sure when there is the cheap alternative from Max Factor with serum and foundation in one. The lazy girl's new best friend. Hmmm. Need to think this one through. When there is also Revlon Age Defying. This one has DNA technology and 96% of women thought something. Do I agree with them? Do I want to be one of many. Many cant be wrong can they? But then there is Teint Miracle from Lancome which can make Julia Roberts go from Blonde to Brunette with flawless, glowing skin. Could that work for me?

  • What about finding the one? Apparently Boots can help with their face cream that reduces deep wrinkles. Hmm I am srue they are right nothing scares a man away like a single, deep -wrinkled 37 year old. Scarier than Fright Night I am sure.

  • And then of course there is Visionnaire which has me torn. I love love love Genefique how can Visionnaire replace my love unless I can combine them to boost my love. A greater love. Is it possible? Doesnt Lancome realize the pressure they putting on me. I want them both. Help what to do?

And this my friends is why I struggle with lotions and potions...