Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair Updo that is a please dont do

I whole heartedly wish that I could be a supporter for any woman that spends time on herself. But there are some efforts that just dont work. Like the curly crazy hair up do with those little hair clips all wrapped around your head. So time consuming that I wish I could say - ten points for effort but minus 100 points for style and avoid all age appropriateness. Same thing such as pigtails - come on there is an age limit. Personally pigtails stop being cute around 10... but there are so many other much better options out there.

So to the darling girl on the train - please spend your time more wisely. I love that you tried but in this case - keep trying...


Monday, March 28, 2011

Dare to Bare - chilly right?

Have you ever noticed how so many of the fashionista photographed at the various Fashion Weeks around the world are predominantly featured with bare legs. I just dont get it! Are all these fashionista privy to the same unique gene that Northern English girls possess? RESPECT. It has to be said.

Oliva Palermo (source:

I am not the fan of  nude/skin-coloured tights but I do think that bare legs look more sexy especially as a curvy girl I am all for leg lengthening and slimming so nude heels are a real DO for me. For me there are two options - black opaque tights with black heels or nude and I mean bare legs. I have very eager to wearing my caged black heels that just look so much funkier with bare legs so I have been patiently checked the weather hoping for a little sign of warmer weather that would allow me to bring out the bad boys of caged heels. Jippie the excitement spring brings.

Nevertheless I still have to wonder how the ladies of fashion do it. They have no layering natural or fabric to buffer against the cold and yet they attend these events with the bightest of smiles and no shivering. So I remaing super curious to understand how it works. In the meantime I guess I will just have to hold out for warmer weather...


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dare to Wear - the red dress

There are in my opinion some outfit choices that require more courage shall we say - the red dress is my mind is one of those choices.

The red dress is amazing and this awards season there have been spectacular red dresses on the red carpet but that isn't the real world. I am convinced that Valentino can make the every woman feel stunning, sexy and strong but we dont all have the Valentino budget. To me the red dress asks for attention. It creates drama, and excudes feminity but that also means you need to feel confident to pull the colour off.

Recently I saw this every day version of a Victoria Beckham type dress (source Lovely, wearable and affordable but do I have the confidence to pull it off? I don't know.

When wearing a colour that commands so much attention you have to be able to handle it. Feel good in your own skin. But when you pull the dress on - an amazing moment occurs - you pull yourself together, stand taller, feel slimmer, act smarter. Could it all be in the dress? I truly begin to feel brave as though it is my war gear and I am for the first time armed to take on the world. It would appear that the power the red dress has to outside world it also has on the person themself. I read recently that studies (or maybe just the one) have shown that a woman in a red dress is twices more likely to be asked out than other women around. My initial reaction to this news was - of course - but how short was the dress and how low cut? Is it really related to colour or a combination of factors. See if I feel better about myself in my dress maybe this is class-effect of the red dress and if all are in a good place surely these women will glow from within and therefore be more attractive and open to conversation. Perhaps I should take all this out to the world and test it out. Any volunteers? Maybe in time I might crack the idea if it is just the dress, the colour, the cut or the girl inside. So ladies - do you dare to wear the red dress?


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things that make me smile...

It´s the little things in the world that can do it for me and to be honest I hope it always stays that way. I think it is terribly important to recognize the importance of the little things. So here are the things that make me smile.

  • that first warm evening breeze that comes around in spring and reminds you like a gentle whisper that summer is on its way - cant wait
  • the first glass of cool rosé on the beach to mark the start of a holiday
  • the first dip in the Med - the refreshing thrill that wakes you and also washes away the previous night's sins (although note there havent been many recently - just wanted to clear that up)
  • the colour green - bright, crisp and alive - nature at its best
  • a friendly smile from a stranger - in a non creepy kind of way more like hey I am happy too
  • fresh snowfall in the evening that changes the light all around
  • busting a move in your living room all alone with the knowledge that no one can or will see your increaible moves - thank god!!!!!!
  • fresh cold cotton sheets to whisk away to slummer land - that reminds me need to change my sheets
  • fireworks in summertime - just far more enjoyable that in the brisk cold of NYE
  • an older geriatic couple all dolled up and still in love, together and maybe only for a moment happy
  • an unexpected message from a loved one
  • coming home from a trip with a sigh of relief
  • finding forgotten money in a handbag you havent used in ages - its a reward of renewed loyalty


My Fashion Words

I read in a magazine a little while back an article about 'The three fashion words' (source Red Magazine UK). Basically it is about finding the three words that describe your own fashion sense...

So I got thinking 3 words isn't alot to define your being. Ok maybe I am taking it a bit too far. But it is my take on what I try to dress like but also what I hope people see when they see me. Funny how we women dress for each other not men (well expect the few that are maybe in older professions) - and its not about competition it is far more about recognition, credit where credit is due.

Anyway my words. I decided to go with:
  • stylish: not trendy but more in tune than in for every fashion trend coming my way
  • accessorized: it adds individuality, personality and for the all black uniform it adds - shocker - colour
  • fun: unfortunately I am not elegant I should be at my freaking age but no I am me a little lost in creavity so I want to have fun with fashion not be rigid with rules or matching ideas. That doesnt mean I am going to wear two different shoes (Helena not me) but it does mean I would choose the neon dress from this season because they are fun and make me smile. See dressing for me to make me feel better about myself.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sit Down to Dinner Shoes

Every girl has them...

The too fabulous for words shoes that make you feel like a film star, model, rock star - you pick, but one small flaw you cant actually go anywhere in them. Not because they dont easily suit a variety of situation oh no because the pain to walk in them is out of this world. My sister and I call them our 'sit down to dinner' shoes. All you can expect from them is to look insane from the house to the taxi - taxi to the restaurant and your table- maybe one powder room visit allowed and then teeth grinding, jaw clenching trying to muster up a smile back to the taxi and a sighhhhh of relief to get home.

I know admit I do the 2000 take on the 80's trainer to work thing. I wear my ballet slippers to and from work. And thank the world that I do because the sprint I have to make this morning and this evening to catch the train home would have otherwise been impossible. But I can not live with out my 'sit down to dinner' shoes. I need the glamour in my life - the thrill of the shoe, the height that I get, the way my posture improves and equally does my self confidence. Ahhh who would have thought they could pack all that in a size 37 - UK 4 - US 7. Thank you. I will always choice beauty before sensiblity.

Long live the 'Sit down to Dinner' shoe!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Curvy Girl Rules

Rule #1: I am a little tea pot short and...

So lengthen things

Today I am wearing:

and I always go for the black opaque tights with black heels... creates the impression of longer, slimmer, leaner oh my! All good things!

And my ultimate favourite necklace from my grandmother - heavy sterling silver and I think it's funky!


Monthly Lust List

My Lust List is a little different than a regular list of things you covet. See I believe that when you lust after something it doesn't have to be good for you or suit you or even fit you. It's like that moody cool silent type that you lusted after at school. You know you had nothing in common and that there was no long future there but it was lust at first sight. Plus you reserve the right to later on - change your mind...
1) Large Nancy Tote, Symthson
just cant decide on the colour...

2) Studded Loubs
Christian Louboutin Studded Pigalle
Sexy, sleek and dangerous

3) Floral maxi dress that doesn't scream 1970
Marks & Spencer Limited Collection

4) Colourful flats - ueber bright

5) Tibi Constellation Shirt Dress


Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Favourite Hot Spots - Worldwide

Ages ago when I first moved to London I was lucky enough to stay with a family friend. On one night out I was very impressed how my cousin was able to give this girl going on a world trip tips on places to go in HK. From then on, if I really like a place I will write it down and tell my family and friends about it. Gems deserve recognition...


- Cecconi's
Part of the amazing Soho House Group, this is a gem just off Bond Street. I love the interior - black and white floors, emerald green leather chairs, beautiful chandeliers and more importantly fantastic service and lovely food. A real treat! Tel. 0207 434 1500

- The Botantist
Lovely brasserie with wonderful post shopping pick me ups on Sloane Square. Caring service, great food and wonderful French Martini to do the trick!

- Crazy Bear
Both a Thai restaurant and a gorgeous cocktail bar. Hidden around the corner from the Spaghetti House on Goodge Street - funny right. It was my favourite post work hideaway! Tel. 0207 631 0058

- Brinkleys
A South London favourite haunt. Amazing wines at incredibly prices and so much fun - bar and restaurant. Plus come summer time this is the best place to be as the roof at the restaurant can be removed. The restaurant manager is the best - so lovely! Tel. 0207 3511683

- Le Cafe Marly
Old Finance department building with a view of the Louvre pyramid. My favourite place to kick-off a weekend in Paris. Maybe a little touristy but the outside seating for drinks is so lovely. They are part of the Costes Group which is a garantee for great place. Think Georges, Hotel Costes etc. Tel.


- Sale e Tabbachi
Around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie a loft style Italian restaurant with amazing food that has vowed friends and clients each time I have been.

- Borchardt
Just off the Franzoesischer Strasse, known for their Wiener Schnitzel and ueber stylish crowd. Inspiring each and every time

New York
- The Stanton Social
My favourite restaurant in New York now for years. I still get excited when I go. Located on the LES - corner of Ludlow and Stanton. Small dishes to share and brilliant cocktails. I look the interior with the glass wine wall. FABULOUS!

- Balthazar
My brunch recovery location - best Eggs Benedict EVER! Located on Spring Street a great place to people watch and then used the new found inspiration to go shopping in Soho. Ahhh I miss New York just writing about it...

The Modern
- I hated the location of my first flat in New York except that it was a block from the MoMA on 53rd. And this restaurant was my sanctuary. Ahhhh just bliss.

More hot spots will follow...


Fashion Fury of The Day

I have these fashion furies - I guess you can see them as crimes against fashion. Some of them are from me, some are from my sister and some from my girlfriends...

1) DO NOT - repeat - DO NOT walk on the nail of your heal. Everyone can hear it and it screams STREETWALKER
2) Make sure to remove the labels from your shoes. Yes some are very adhesive but a little nail polish remover and you're good to go. Colour in the sole if necessary.
3) Do not follow every trend - example leather skinnies not for everyone
4) Visible underwear - come on there are so many ways around this and this includes vpls and there is nothing wrong with Spanx even for those who don't need the figure correcting bit - they smooth you out why do you think the models wear them?
5) Skin coloured tights that don't actually ressemble a skin colour. Isn't the idea to create the illusion of flawless skin?

I am sure there will be more but this is to get started...

lots of love x


My Fashion Life

I will be the first to admit I am not at all the model type - I am working on it (for health reasons but not to be a size 0) - well the part I can influence but I do love fashion and I love being different (there I admit it).

To me fashion is about who you are, what you stand for and what you wear to make yourself feel fabulous about yourself. As a curvy girl it does take some insight not to buy into all the fashion trends that look all so groovy in the amazing magazine spreads. I buy far too many magazines for my good but mainly to find inspiration. I have a reasonably large wardrobe collection by now that it sometimes just needs fine-tuning to fit into what is trendy RIGHT NOW.

I work in advertising where being interested in fashion can help clients visualise what it is they are looking for in an agency. I personally I try to wear what makes me confident in most occasions but sometimes also sets the tone - more girly, more laid back.

Being curvy I have to work what I have and cover what isnt an assest. I have learned that hour glass form is what works best for me. So all the ueber cute tunics are a huge NO for me! The midi dress and lady-like style do help.

Ages ago in the UK there was a programme called "What not to wear" with Trinny and Susannah. They were refreshingly honest and empowering not like the US versions these days. They made it clear if you have cleavage go for the v-neck, create lines. Visual direction to your wardrobe. It was a revelation. And with programmes like "How to Look Good Naked" there is this love for being curvy.

So if I can help give others a love for themselves, fashion, and above all life then I am truly happy!

lots of love x